In the U.S., when a player who left for a trade after playing a major role in one team wears the opposing team’s uniform and has a visiting game먹튀검증, a short video of him playing for the old team is shown on the stadium’s electronic board. to show thanks. It is an honorable event for the player.

Choi Ji-man also enjoyed such an honor.

The Tampa Bay Times, where Choi Ji-man worked for four and a half years, plans to screen a video welcoming Choi Ji-man’s visit to Tampa Bay after the second inning at the home game against the Pittsburgh Pirates on the 3rd (hereafter Korean time), the Tampa Bay Times said. delivered on the 2nd.

The Tampa Bay Times said that although Choi Ji-man could not play due to a left Achilles injury, Tampa Bay teammates and fans would greet him warmly.

Choi Ji-man even took first place in the popular vote voted by his teammates during his Tampa Bay days.

Fans went crazy for his antics during the match.

Choi Ji-man said that he was sad to part with such fans.

Choi Ji-man is currently on the 60-day injured list.

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