A college student who had been assaulted and harassed by a friend for four years was eventually diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage. He said, “Pay back the money,” and cut off contact with the people around him, and even set a time to go out.

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Jang Mo, a man in his 20s, went to Japan to study five years ago.

Afterwards, while preparing to study abroad, Mr. Choi, whom I became close to, introduced me to a job leaving game reviews.

But two months later, when he said he would quit his job, the threats started.

[Mr. mother-in-law / college student: He is not working, so he has to pay the corresponding amount.]

With this as an excuse, he began to control his daily life.

He set up a set of rules, even setting times for sleeping, eating, and going out.

He also cut off contact with the people around him.

Failure to do so could result in fines and violence.

[Mother-in-law/University student: If you are lying down, put a knife on your stomach. At first, I resisted, but (later) I

think I hit it again.] Jang’s side claims that about 60 million won went to Mr. Choi.

In September of last year, Mr. Jang was hit in the head several times by Mr. Choi and collapsed and underwent surgery.

He was recently diagnosed with a brain haemorrhage메이저놀이터, and he was diagnosed that daily life could be difficult due to the aftermath.

Choi’s side denies both the assault and the contents of the contract.

“The rules were written to have fun at Mr. Jang’s request,” he explained, “and Mr. Jang did not have economic ideas, so he only managed money instead.”

Jang’s side plans to file a complaint with the police.

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