At the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour Sony Open held in Hawaii last month, Keegan Bradley (USA) appeared on the course looking noticeably slimmer compared to just a few months ago. Even when he won the Jojo Championship held in Japan in October of last year,메이저사이트 the second tournament he participated in after the opening of the 2022-2023 season, he could see the cute belly fat hidden by his top. However, Bradley showed off a slimmer waist in three months. Although his performance was prepared by missing the cut, his changed appearance stood out even more.

According to Golf Digest, an American media outlet, it was the August BMW Championship, the last competition in the 2021-2022 season, that Bradley felt the need to lose weight. Bradley, who finished tied for 58th at the time, noticed that his weight had risen to 220 pounds (about 100 kg), and planned to reduce his weight to 190 pounds (86 kg), the weight he had when he turned pro in 2008 to improve his performance. has built

Bradley was the first to change his diet. He said, “I ate everything well. Especially, I ate a lot of fruit. I ate eggs in the morning, chicken or beef for lunch, and steak for dinner. Most importantly, all meat ingredients were grown on grass.” There was no flour or vegetables in my meal. There were no side dishes. Only very little salt and pepper and hot sauce were allowed, “he introduced his diet plan.

It wasn’t just diet control. I had to give up soda and sports drinks, and I also did exercises such as biking, walking, and lifting light weights. Bradley was delighted, saying, “Of course I wanted to eat pizza or pasta, but I thought, ‘This is part of the process.’ Now I feel proud of myself.”

The effects of his weight loss were most definitely felt by Bradley. Unlike the fatigue he felt during the BMW Championship, he was able to maintain a good body condition without reducing distance or swing speed. During the Jojo Championship, he cited the lack of jet lag as his secret to winning. “A lot of people advise me to ‘get in shape and lift heavy weights,'” says Bradley. “But the most important thing is to know what’s best for you.”

Phil Mickelson (USA), who moved to the LIV Golf Invitational, is also a male player who has lost weight. Standing in front of reporters to participate in the 2023 Asian Tour Saudi International, which was recently held in Saudi Arabia, Mickelson looked noticeably thinner. When I first joined LIV, the feeling of a handsome white man was gone. Mickelson’s weight introduced on the LIV website is 200 pounds (91 kg), but recent photos show that he has lost much more than this.

Mickelson did not elaborate on his weight. He only revealed that he was back to his college weight. “I feel totally rejuvenated. I’m back in the best shape I’ve had in a long time,” Mickelson explained. Through his weight loss, Mickelson began to recover from poor performance after joining LIV last year. Mickelson expressed his confidence, saying, “Last year, I was not well prepared. But this year is different. I rested well, and I am ready to compete again.”

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