Have you started turning on the air conditioner at home? It’s already this hot, but I’m a bit worried about the cost of air conditioning this year because the electricity bill has gone up. If you manage the air conditioner outdoor unit room well, you can reduce the burden of electricity bills.

Reporter Lee Hye-mi will introduce more details.


In an apartment with a dedicated area of ​​59m², we tested the operation of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner using smoke and lasers.

First, the upper and lower ventilation windows were opened at right angles of 90 degrees so that the hot air generated by the outdoor unit could sufficiently escape to the outside.

The smoke showing the air flow extends straight up to 2m in front.

This time, I closed the upper window and opened only the lower one.

The length of the smoke is reduced to 30 cm, or 1/4.

[Kwak Byeong-chang / Senior Researcher, LH

Land & Housing Research Institute: The hot air from the air conditioner is not properly discharged, and then immediately flows back into the room .] energy efficiency decreases.

In this case, more electricity is used to lower the temperature토토사이트, and the burden of electricity bills increases accordingly.

The clutter you accumulate around your outdoor unit also affects power usage.

It was observed that the power consumption increased as the space behind the outdoor unit decreased.

[Kwak Byeong-chang /LHSenior Researcher, Land and Housing Research Institute: Loads affect air circulation. Resistance to air circulation (outdoor unit) can cause overload.]

In fact, more than 10 fires in the outdoor unit room of the air conditioner due to overload occur each year.

It is also helpful to attach a wind induction device called an ‘air guide’ to the front of the outdoor unit to prevent fire and increase energy efficiency.

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