GS Caltex, led by coach Sang-hyun Cha, was a team that comes to mind when you think of serving in the league. He shook the opponent’s receive with a powerful serve. The opposing team trembled in fear. The coaches facing GS Caltex chose the serve as the advantage of GS Caltex.

But not this season. He is not gaining strength in the serve to the extent that it is right to say that he has lost his strength. Currently, it is 0.72 per set, staying at the bottom of the league. The number of successes is 67, but the number of mistakes is 194, which is a lot in the league. If there is a lot of success, some mistakes can be made up for, but if only mistakes accumulate, there is no choice but to have a tough game to solve the game. 메이저놀이터

Of course, it is true that the serve of female players is not bursting compared to previous years. Still, it is true that GS Caltex’s serve is disappointing. It’s been a long time since GS Caltex has gone below 1 serve per set. This is the first time since 0.825 in the 2009-10 season. Since then, GS Caltex has always set a record of more than one serve per set.

Let’s look at the last three seasons, excluding this season. In the 2019-20 season, GS Caltex ranked first in the league with 1.35 serves per set. At that time, there were three people in the sub top 10. Kang So-hui was second (0.37 per set), Merta Lutz (registered name Lutz) was 7th (0.22), and Lee So-young was 9th (0.21). At this time, the season ended early due to Corona 19, but GS Caltex fought for first place with Hyundai E&C.

Even in the 2020-21 season, when the first treble was achieved in the women’s division, it ranked second after Heungkuk Life Insurance (1.20) with 1.10 serves per set. Even at that time, GS Caltex had three players in the sub TOP10. It was the time when Ahn Hye-jin, who had a sharp floater serve, opened her eyes to the serve.

In the 2021-22 season, as Lee So-young left and Lutz left, the low-height Moma came. Compared to the 206cm Lutz, I played with Moma, who is 184cm tall, so I won with a powerful serve rather than a high game. Moma had a stronger serve than anyone else. Hyundai E&C’s Yasmin Bedart (registered name Yasmin) showed strength with firepower comparable to that. Following the last two seasons, there were three players in the TOP 10 in the 2021-22 season. The team’s serve was 1.36 per set, and was in second place behind Hyundai E&C by a narrow margin.

However, this season, the serve per set dropped from 1.355 last season to 0.72. 0.72 feels awkward, and it is not easy to find GS Caltex players even in the sub rankings. Except for MoMA, there is no player in the TOP 10.

Jiangsu Hwi-do, who has an attractive powerful serve, and Ahn Hye-jin, who has a sharp floater serve, are also unable to exert strength in their serve, perhaps because of a shoulder injury suffered during the season. Kang So-hui is recording 0.155 per set, which is the worst record since the 2017-18 season when he was firmly established as a starter. Because of his shoulder injury, he sometimes tries a floater serve rather than a spike serve. Ahn Hye-jin is also recording 0.120 per set, the lowest since the 2018-19 season when he took the opportunity to participate in earnest.

Coach Sang-hyun Cha previously said, “I have to hit the serve a bit hard and then make the opponent move actively, but that doesn’t work well. On the bulletin board in the dorm, he drew a red line at the bottom of the team’s serve,” he said.

He said, “The part that I think is important while going through the 4th round is the serve. It’s not that the activity has gone down. After all, it is the atmosphere and the flow, so you have to attack with confidence. There are parts that are atrophied, and there are parts that have lost their senses. Players need to find out. As much as the serve is individual, players should do it.”

GS Caltex is currently ranked third. At the beginning of the season, despite the poor condition of the key players, he endured and endured. If the serve, which is one of his strengths, is more alive, he can have a bigger dream if he goes to spring volleyball as well as a third place.

Many coaches emphasize the importance of the serve. There are many reasons to stop. Can GS Caltex’s strength, serve, survive in the second half?

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