Tottenham (England)메이저사이트 striker Kane’s transfer to Bayern Munich (Germany) is constantly attracting attention.

On the 18th (Korean time), England’s HITC mentioned Bayern Munich’s Mane, saying, ‘Kane has a player who can show better breathing than Son Heung-min.’ The media said, ‘Bayern Munich is once again rumored to sign Kane. It will be a nightmare for Tottenham fans.”

In particular, ‘Kane is a player who fits perfectly for Bayern Munich. “Kane is one of the best strikers in the world,” he said. He can score all types of goals from close and long distance. He also has passing ability, so he can play as a playmate key,’ he noted. Also, ‘Kane can show excellent linkage play with Mane. Kane’s penetrating passing ability will show perfect harmony with Mane’s intelligent running. Mane has played like that for years at Liverpool and Kane has been seen working with Son Heung-min at Tottenham,’ he added.

Kane is attracting attention with rumors of transfers to various clubs, including Manchester United, with about a year left before the expiration of his contract with Tottenham. Germany’s Bild said on the 15th, ‘Bayern Munich is still aiming for Kane. According to Bayern Munich’s internal analysis, no striker is as suitable for Bayern Munich as Kane. Bayern Munich may not participate in the scout competition due to Kane’s high transfer fee, but if Kane gives up on renewing his contract with Tottenham, he may sign him as a free agent in 2024’.

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