The WBC team gathered in the United States started their journey toward the finals with their first training session.바카라사이트

Tomorrow, we will have an evaluation match with NC, and 7 pitchers will be on the mound and will be responsible for one inning each.

This is reporter Lee Ji-eun from Arizona, USA.

A snowy desert morning in Tucson.

The national team, wearing their official uniforms, appears in the cold wind.

Players from Australia and Guam as far away as the day before.

I warm up and start exercising without time to adjust to the jet lag.

[Yang Eui-ji / WBC national team catcher: I think it’s a bit fortunate that I can adapt quickly because I slept well. I took a break for about 3 days due to the long travel time, so I thought that it would be more helpful for me to come out and warm up lightly] The

first training, which was divided into pitchers and batters, lasted about 3 hours.

So Joon Sohn was the only pitcher to relieve his shoulders by pitching in the bullpen, and

Chang-mo Koo, who is called ‘Kim Gwang-hyun’s successor’, was determined to learn a lot from his senior. [Koo Chang-mo / WBC national team pitcher: (with senior Kwang-hyeon) we haven’t had much conversation yet , but

now we have a lot of time, so we’re going to hang around a lot and ask a lot of questions.]

You will have five evaluation matches.

[Lee Kang-chul / WBC national team coach: Actually, since the pitcher is not (prepared) right now, I think it will go for about 7 innings, and we agreed on a game where the number of pitches is 20 to 25 to finish the inning.] Before the NC game, Kwang-Hyun

Kim Starting with , seven players including Koh Young-pyo, Jung Woo-young, and Go Woo-seok are expected to pitch.

Despite the chilly weather with snow falling overnight, Lee Kang-chul finished his first training session without a hitch, signaling a pleasant start.

This is Jieun Lee from YTN, Tucson, Arizona, USA.

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