A middle school teacher in Gyeonggi-do is under police investigation on suspicion of committing child abuse by habitually leaving her kindergartener children alone at night. The teacher’s husband filed a complaint with the police, alleging that his wife had neglected her young children for years. He said that he also requested an appreciation of Mr. A from the Office of Education.

On the 18th, JTBC reported that Mr. A, a middle school teacher in the Gyeonggi region, went out about 20 times in the middle of the night from 2019 until recently, leaving his kindergartener children unattended. He is suspected of leaving the child alone for up to eight hours.

According to the media, the teacher’s husband did not know this until recently, but was told that the child “sleep with the lights on because he is afraid to be alone at home at night.” In response, he analyzed the closed circuit ( CC ) TV in the apartment parking lot 먹튀검증, captured the situation, and filed a complaint with the police. However, the media reported that Mr. A denies the child abuse charge.

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