Asan Woori Bank, a women’s professional basketball team, has set out to solidify its position in the 2022-23 season’absolute first round’. With the performance of ace Kim Dan-bi (32), 5-year-old Park Ji-hyeon (22) has also grown into a complete player.

Woori Bank won 51-39 against Cheongju KB held at Cheongju Indoor Gymnasium on the 12th and won 9 consecutive wins. It is an overwhelming first place with 12 wins and 1 loss in the season (based on the win rate of 0.923 and 13 days).

Danbi Kim, who was recruited as a free agent last summer, is seeing the effect. Danbi Kim averages 19.23 points (2nd), 8.77 rebounds (2nd), 6.85 assists (2nd), 1.38 blocked shots (1st), and 45.1% (2nd) 3-point shooting success rate. Contribution was 515.35, the only one in the league to exceed 500.

Danbi Kim is not alone. In the game on the 12th, Woori Bank overcame poor physical condition with team organization and won. On this day, Woori Bank recorded only 2 points in the first 5 minutes, and their scoring power dropped significantly. There were frequent misses while attempting to force a shot in a fast-breaking chance. Instead, they pressed KB defensively. KB, tied to Woori Bank, only scored 39 points, the lowest in the team’s history.

Park Ji-hyun’s presence was also great. Park Ji-hyun recorded 11 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists while playing for 34 minutes and 53 seconds that day. He didn’t score a lot, but he led the team to victory through rebounding and passing. 45 seconds before the end of the game, he also showed his instinct as a solver to score a goal after stealing.

Park Ji-hyun is from a large prospect who joined as the first overall in 2018. Already in his 5th year as a pro, he is steadily growing in a solid team. He definitely reinforces the amount of activity that veterans can’t fill. The 2-point shooting success rate (59.6%), 3-point shooting success rate (36.2%), and free throw success rate (83.3%) are all career highs. 토토사이트

He’s developing into an all-rounder with assists and rebounds as well as scoring ability. In the match against Hana One Q in Bucheon on the 3rd, he recorded 13 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists, and also created his first triple-double in his life. His assists per game also exceeded 4 for the first time in his career at 5.31. Contribution is second in the league after Danbi Kim (422.25). Danbi Kim and Jihyun Park are the only two players in the league who have exceeded 400.

After the game on the 12th, Park Ji-hyun said, “My shot success rate dropped, so I focused more on defense.” When asked about his improved performance this season, he said, “The reason my assists come out well is because my sisters put the pass I gave them well.” “The coach always orders rebounds, and this is the part I care about the most this season. I always think before the game and come out. I think the record comes out well on days when I focus on it.”

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